2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Weak stream

Hi, windshield fluid tank is full. When I try to use it, it only will splash a little bit of fluid on the glass and the won’t do more. Need help to fix it

If the pump is working correctly either there’s a break in the line/line has come loose or the nozzles are aimed too low. Open the hood and check the lines. If possible have someone else run the washers and look for leaks. If the lines look all right and there are no leaks try reaiming the nozzles.

How do I know If the pump is working correctly?
It splashes 1 time an small amount of washer, I have to keep hitting multiple time.
Also the lines are hidden

Yeah, there’s a problem somewhere, possibly with the switch for the pump. I don’t own a Mercedes but on every car I have owned or driven the pump kept spraying as long as you held the switch in place. Either the pump is quitting or it’s running out of fluid, which would happen if there were a leak in the system. If it’s no longer under warranty take it to a good independent shop, possibly one that specializes in German cars.

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Sounds good, Thank you!