2017 Mazda CX-5 - Stuck in first in sport mode

2017 MAZDA CX5GT TRANSMION STUCKS IN FIRST GEAR IN SPORT MODE after sport driving on hilly road and coming to a stop . when I take off it wont shift out of first gear Unless I take it out of sport mode. 60,000 kms on odometer

Are you out of warranty?

Powertrain warranty is 5yr./60k mi. If the 60k km is accurate it’s under warranty. Sounds like a selector switch or shift solenoid problem.

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There is a very complete web owners manual available for you to spend some quality time with, at https://www.mazdausa.com/static/manuals/2017/cx5/contents/05300405.html

Also, there is probably an Internet Forum dedicated to Mazda and to performance questions - Google it.

Read the owners’ manual carefully. This may actually be a “feature”.

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I own that same vehicle (18). Sport mode does not behave that way in ours. However, if instead of using the Drive Mode Selector toggle switch below the gear selector lever you instead use the gear selector lever and slide it left to “Manual Mode,” rather than “Drive” it will do what you describe. I put a little red arrow next to that in the image. I’d phone the dealer. Speak with them and describe to them what’s up. Here is the manual if you want to have a gander: https://www.mazdausa.com/static/manuals/2017/cx5/visual.html
Let us know what it was. Good luck.

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