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2014 Mazda CX-5 - Won't climb a hill

Car is not taking the hills. Not going in manual shifts. Crawls up the hill like a snail and I have to constantly restart it to make it up the hill

Hi Judy - Are any dashboard warning light illuminated?

What does this mean?

Is your engine revving high when this happens? Is it hesitating and missing instead?

All I can grasp is that your vehicle is not operating at full strength . If you are not a mechanic you need to get this in a shop before it loses all power at the worst time. like in front of a large truck.

If the engine is revving then it sounds like a drivetrain sliippage issue. If the engine is not revving one might suspect a clogged converter or the air box is filled with crap the rats drug in.

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Have you checked the transmission fluid?

It should be full and red/pink in color.