2017 Lincoln MKC - Shaking

my 22017 lincoln mck is shaking when accurlate going at 50 to 65 mph i had the tires ballanced it seamed a little better but it is now getting worse what could be the problem the tires look very good no bulges.

Is the check engine light on? Or flashing? How many miles on this?

You might have an alignment issue that is causing the tires to wear unevenly.

Worn inner CV joints can cause a vibration during acceleration.

Does it feel sort of like when you drive over lane markers w/raised bumps? A rumble sensation? If so, another idea, could be torque converter shudder. Lock-up mechanism is failing, etc…

no it is like when you step on the gas the drive shaft is out of balance

Your vehicle is front wheel drive so you don’t have a drive shaft . Have you had a shop look at the vehicle ?

the tires are wareing equaly i think it is a uv jount at one of the forks i will have to jack it up and spin and shake the tires back and forth i could be wrong but it is worth trying thanks for your reply

no engine light the car has 45000 miles on it i think it is the forks wareing out thank you what is the best way to check them jack the car up spin the wheel back and forth to feel if there is any play or clicking that is what i was going to do what do you think thanks al

sorry but my car is four wheel drive and ihad it up on a lift had it checked out i had all the tires ballanced , i feel i need to jack it up and spin the tires to see or feel if there is any play in them thanks for your responce i feel it may be the forks thanks again al

it vibrates when you step on the gas when you are going 50 to 60 mph i had all the tires ballanced they are wareing all equal i have a feeling it is the forks wareing out what do you think thanks for your reply

You don’t have forks.

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Just a diy’er, no experience w/your car, so I’m not sure what you mean by “u-joint at a fork”. Do you mean the yoke which holds the u-joint? When my (much older than your MKC) Ford 4WD truck has a u-joint problem in the rear driveshaft, the first symptom is a squeaking noise, most easily heard around 30 mph when driving near something that reflects the sound, a van in the next lane, cement wall, etc. Roll down the windows and have a listen. Usually if I catch it in time, a re-lube is all it needs. Before doing the re-lube I place my hands on driveshaft, apply a twisting force to check for play. There should be no play at all. If there is, I replace the u-joint. If a u-joint is the cause for a shaking during accel symptom, pretty good chance there will be play.

FWIW, my truck uses the type of u-joint that has a grease fitting, but I’ve heard say the type that has no grease fitting lasts much longer, often the life of the vehicle.

you are correct the u jount at the fork i did not say it correctorly i agree with what you are saying i wonder if it could be a roter they look good no scraches or gouges just a thought i am going to jack up the car tomarrow and try all that you recomened thanks al

i will be checking it out tomarrow also i have a 99 mustang gt contvertable it is a great fast car i had a 68 when we got married and could not wait untill we got one agin thanks al

Your symptoms are not consistent with a brake rotor problem. Seems unlikely. Might be worthwhile however for each wheel to loosen all the lug nuts, then tighten them in three rounds of increasing torque, to the final correct torque; i.e. evenly & gradually tighten the lug nuts to spec so rotors don’t warp.

Or some of your lug nuts could be loose. Loose lug nuts on a wheel will definitely cause shaking, ask me how I know? … lol … usually that type of shaking is noticed at low speeds too.