2016 Lincoln MKX - Wobbles

Wobbles and shakes will accelerating but new tires on still does it something wrong with the drivetrain

Miles? Which engine?

What kind of curb did you hit?

First you’ll have to determine what’s causing the sensation of wobbling/shaking. If it is the drivetrain it will probably be noticeable if you mildly accelerate starting in the 45 to 55 mph range. If it happens during braking, or only when very rapidly accelerating, I’d suspect a suspension/steering problem more than a drivetrain problem.

You car looks to have a traditional suspension system design, with struts, control arms, and stabilizers both front and aft. Your shop should put it on the rack & check the strut function & for any play in all the associated ball joints & bushings in the suspension and steering systems. Wheel alignment problems can cause this sort of symptom also.