2017 Lincoln MKC liftgate is possessed

liftgate raises whenever it so chooses

Cool, better contact Ghost Hunters


A 2017 should be under warranty, take it back to the dealership to fix

Describe when this happens. Parked? Driving?

  1. Ghost Busters is my first call

  2. Is someone sitting on the key fob and accidently hitting the button to release the gate?

  3. Is something sitting on the lever to raise it - if it is on the floor.

car is always parked with no one near fob!

dealer has “checked it 3 times”

Are two pushes of the hatch button on the fob needed, or one?

Then I would look in your owner’s manual about escalating this to your Lincoln Zone Rep and/or trying a different dealership

did that-currently working on fix!-we will see

Have you actually seen it rise up on its own OP? Or do you discover it is up when you look at the car later, when you are sure before it was down? Ray has talked on the show before of a problem he had where ( I think )he’d find his car’s engine already started as he went to drive to work in the morning. . Turned out he’d accidentally pressed the remote start button on his fob while he was putting on his pants inside the house.

two hard ones

No way your spare key is getting pushed? It’s either unintentional activation, or some weird electronic glitch.

1000 percent sure it was down when i left the car

absolutely sure no keys were involved

Where? Various places? (Thinking radio interference.)

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Radio interference ? Could be I suppose. You’d think there’d be pretty solid electronic security designed in with that system though, where random electrical noise which wouldn’t contain the proper security key-code wouldn’t be able to pop the trunk. But anything’s possible. Years ago I had a sewing machine that when a certain stitch was selected would open my garage door opener … lol