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2005 Hyundai XG350 - Locks triggered

The door locks trigger randomly, without my pushing the lock button; sometimes this happens while driving and others when the car is just sitting in the garage or at a stop light.

Remove your key fob - the thing with the lock buttons - from your ignition key and leave it in your house. Or use your second fob and key.

Does the lock triggers stop? Then you have a defective fob. Replace it.

Still does this? You likely have a wire with the insulation worn through touching metal and causing the locks to operate. Most likely the spot where the wires pass from the car into the door or in the door itself leading up to the lock switch.

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Sometimes stuff just happens. My Corolla locks by itself every once in a while when I’m simply standing near it. The lift gate on my wife’s Tucson opens by itself occasionally too. Again, sometimes stuff just happens.

The lift gate is not supposed to open just when ever it feels like it . Roger has some thing wrong with his locks and stuff just happens is not the answer.

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Maybe not but it’s the best answer I’ve got. I have a background in computer programming and the more lines of code the more chances for error. Modern vehicles are extremely complex and there are lots of “lines of code” to go wrong. Sometimes you simply can’t find the answer.