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2017 Kia Sorento popping sound after highway trip

My wife pulled in to the driveway after a 45 minute drive on the Interstate and after idling for a minute or two in the driveway, we heard a pop sound followed by noise of air releasing and then within seconds it stopped. Almost like a tire had popped. Tire had not popped. Any ideas?

Well, yeah. My idea is that the car is under warranty you should take it back to the dealer and let them worry about it.


Did you check the spare? Does the air conditioning still work?

Thanks for the response. Hadn’t thought about the spare. It looked fine. A/C seems to be working fine. No warning lights on or anything. Vehicle seems to be operating normally.

Check the radiator cap. See if you see any white crud on, under, or on the underside of the hood above it.

Radiator cap was clean. No white crud on or around it.

At least have it documented at the dealer with a good description and even if they don’t find anything if it happens again maybe by then they might know what it is.

Did one of your kids leave a ball in the driveway?


You might could get a sound like that with a problematic brake power booster. Another idea, years ago I had a car with a thermostat that was sticking, and when it released, it released all at once, and made a loud popping sound, followed by the sound of rushing water, sort of a hissing sound.

Hi Nate. I was wondering if you ever found out what that noise was? I just had this exact same thing happen to me today with my 2018 Kia Sorento. A loud metallic pop sound and a few seconds of a sound like air releasing. I thought I ran over a can of hairspray or something but didn’t see anything. The car seems to be running fine as well.

Short answer is no. I took it to the dealership soon after this happened for an oil change and had them look everything over during their routine inspection. Nothing came back abnormal and it’s been driving normally without incident since. If you figure it out, please post as I’m still curious.