2011 Kia Sorento - No radio, rattles

radio not working. Changed fuses, still not working. rattling noise when starting in morning

there is a 15 amp fuse that says module that you need to check. it shows you in this video.

How to Kia Sorento Troubleshooter and Stereo Removal 2011 - 2013 repalce repair - YouTube

this is a separate issue that needs more info on.

Thank you. I will check the 15 amp module

Already dead no hope left.

AKA death rattle. Kia AKA killed in action. Sorry my resistance level is on the low side tonight. :upside_down_face: :innocent:


Do not understand what you mean by this. AKA death rattle. Kia AKA killed in action. Sorry my resistance level is on the low side tonight. :upside_down_face::innocent:Just looking for some possible answers to the problem of rattling

that was Renegade joking around. as far as the rattle you will have to give more info as to where you here it. it could be a loose heat shield on your exhaust, a plastic panel loose under the car that is vibrating. or something in your car. but without more info of where it is coming from, or what the rattle sounds like we can’t really help you. is it a metal rattle sound? or a plastic rattle sound? or other?

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Sorry I did not mean to offend you as weekend-warrior said I was just joking as some of us will do from time to time But as to your problem like WW said we will need a lot more information to try to help you.

Oh😀no offense. Rattling in the front. Sounds like something metal. It goes away after driving. But next Morning, same sound

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is it in the engine or does it sound under the vehicle? if it is under the vehicle, it could be a spot weld on a heat shield that broke loose and leaving a slight gap that is making the rattle. when metal heats up it expands and could be closing the gap and making the sound go away. when it cools off the space is bigger and it rattles. if that is the problem a muffler or repair shop could weld it back. just one thought of what it could be, but it is hard to tell without being there and hearing it.

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Sounds like the engine. Sound doesn’t come from under the vehicle. I really appreciate your help

look where the exhaust bolts up to the engine. I believe your catalytic converters are right there. they should have a heat shield on them. when engine is cold see if the metal heat shield feels loose. you will have to feel around the metal. it will probably be in just one spot and may be hard to tell being it goes away when the engine warms. if it was really loose it would do it all the time.

Thank you so much. I will give the info to someone who can get under the car. Again, thank you :blush: