2017 Kia Sorento - ABS and traction

I started my car this morning and both the ABS and traction control light were on and did not turn off?

Why the question mark?
When you take it in, tell the service writer “My ABS and traction control lights are on.”.
BTW, the ABS fault causes the TCS not to function.

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The question mark was I took it in Saturday for the 60,000 service and have not driven it until today and was wondering if it was something that might re-set itself

Possible, but it will probably come back. Likely a wheel speed sensor.

Thank-you, I am going to call them and let them know. I know they rotated the tires and such so who knows!

The ABS module has detected a fault however it may not be an ABS component failure, low battery voltage can cause an ABS system fault.

You need to bring the vehicle to them, they can’t fix it over the phone.

I just put a brand new battery in a few months ago