2017 Jaguar XE - Shifter error

Shifter not in park error

A little more info would be nice… Like is the check engine light (CEL) on??

Does it do it every time or every so often??

Are you putting the shifter into park before turning the vehicle off??

Will the vehicle still start and drive normal after the display shows (I am assuming) the Shifter not in park error error shows up??

Might need a software update…

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Maybe it is impossible to move the shifter to P. Or when in P it doesn’t have like P normally does, for example the vehicle doesn’t hold in place. For best help here, OP should clarify.

It is a knob that you twist, like a volume knob… It has an electronic gear shifter selector knob control switch, there is a whole lot of electronics involved… This is not your C4 transmission in your 50yo truck, the transmission is fully electronically controlled… welcome to the 21st century…


Have someone check if there’s an open circuit in the cable from the battery to the rear engine fuse box.


Many fault possibilities then. One of them is that the “volume-like knob” cannot be physically moved to the P position. I’ll grant that one seems less likely.

Seems there are some compromises in the 21st century . It remains very easy to move my 20th century truck’s shifter to P.

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You have no argument from me on that one sir…

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Not sure if Jaguar has come up with a solution but it’s a common failure point on these Jaguar’s. Bad circuit board’s on these electronic gear selector’s. Similar problem that some recent Chrysler/Jeep products have where “service shifter” comes up on the dash.

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Am I the only person here who would NEVER trust a “drive by wire” transmission, brakes, steering, etc? I’d much rather have the tried-and-true mechanical linkages of previous model years.

Millions out there working just fine. Not the same for self driving systems.

If you only knew just how many brake-by-wire cars share the road with you at any given moment…:smiley:

It’s not the technology that’s unreliable, it’s the execution. Certain brands do far better than others. Several years ago I saw a study that showed that Toyota sold twice as many cars as Chrysler, yet Chrysler spent twice as much on warranty claims as Toyota.

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Last month Toyota/Lexus issued another warranty extension to cover the failing hydraulic brake actuators/boosters on various models from 2008 to 2019. Most of the previous warranty extensions for 2006-2012 vehicles have expired.