2017 Hyundai Veloster power loss

I have the same problem with loss of power, even while the accelerator is fully depressed. Several times this happened in an intersection. Dealer claimed there was recall on the fuel system and the tried to fix it. It rains oerfectly for a few weeks, but now the problem has returned.

Electronic throttle control problems can be difficult if not impossible to duplicate. First be sure your foot is not touching the brake pedal, if the brake is applied the throttle won’t respond.

I have a 2013 thats been doing this “loss of power”. Did you ever get it fixed? Let me know if you did and how!!

No, after repeated attempts I just traded the car for a Camaro. Very disappointing. I will never purchase another Hyundai

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Your new Camaro must be a pretty cool car; every time you step on the gas I expect does as you ask, so all in all this problem seems to have worked itself out to your betterment :slight_smile: