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2017 Hyundai Elantra - Hesitation/No Throttle Response

I have a 2017 Hyundai Elantra SE model. It has 70k miles on it. I bought it new. Recently I had several incidents in which the car started losing acceleration power when at low speeds going over a speed bump and when going up hills. It hesitates and feels like it’s “gliding” or about to stall. The closest thing i can compare it to was when I had a car with a choke issue back in the 80s and it did the same thing but it actually DID stall. Numerous times…we ended up replacing the automatic choke with manual one but I know this car doesn’t even have a choke…

Two weeks ago, I took it in to the dealership after one incident when the Elantra started shaking and acting like it could not get fuel and the check engine light and other dashboard lights came on. It could not accelerate correctly and
I felt like my accelerator pedal was not working. The lights went off after about 5 minutes and the car recovered but it scared me. The dealership put it on the diagnostic machines and said they could not find anything but I needed a tune up so I paid for a tune cup. It hasn’t stalled since but it still feels “off”.

Today is almost 2 weeks since the tune up and it did the same hesitation twice. Once when accelerating when going up a steep hill and going from 60 to -70 and later when I had turned onto a major road and slowed down to go over a rough patch. I thought it was going to stall out as it downshifted. It is an automatic. I have also noticed that my fuel MPG has decreased and that if I sit parked with the AC on, the engine will down shift and the RPMS will decrease then rebound up. .

Any idea what is going on? Right now I am to take it in to the dealership on Friday to have a recall part installed (center console) and leave it so they can try to duplicate the same events. They are offering me a loaner car during his time.

I do have a powertrain warranty and an extended bumper to bumper warranty that covers any non basic maintenance work until the car has 100k miles.

Sounds like everything is under control. The mechanics at the dealership are going to give you the most accurate solutions. We can’t even see the car. Best to wait on their findings. It is a mistake to take it in with your unprofessional diagnosis and mix things up.

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