2017 Hyundai Tucson - DSG issues

Hyundai vehicles equipped with "Dual Clutch Transmissions"Whats the Fix???

What’s the problem?

The well-known Hyundai DSG issues include many types of hesitation and odd shifting. I have been watching this for many years and have not heard of a definitive fix. I have tested many (brand new) Hyundais with the transmission and only had one, the first one, long ago feel odd. I got a 2019 Elantra SPort today with one to test. I suspect it will behave normally. I would love to buy one of these because when they work right they are great. But I would never have the guts. Way too many reports of issues for my risk tolerance. Car Talk has been warning consumers of the issue since 2016 via this story.

I bought a 2017 Tucson last year.
When I saw most of posts on complaints.com were about the DCT trans I opted for the conventional auto.
Some say the 8.5 sec to 60mph is “underpowered”, but I’m OK with it.