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2017 Honda Fit - Best winter tire

what’s the best winter tire for snow and ice in alaska?

Check out tire ratings at You don’t have to buy from them, but the reviews are very good.

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If you are in Alaska ask your friends and coworkers and talk to the local independent tire sellers .

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We get brutal winters here and all my friends rave about the Michelin X-ICE. It’s the most expensive but the longest lasting with really superior traction in all nasty weather.


tirerack is excellent. The November Consumer Reports, and their Annual Buying Guide (just out) also have tire ratings. Five winter tires get their recommendation. Not all tires come in all sizes. It’s best to get a set of winter tires on their own steel rims, and narrow if the load rating is adequate.

Michelin X-ice is a great choice indeed.Nokian Hakkapeliitta also is a good contender.

I swear by the Michelin X-Ice tires, but the General Altimax Arctic is also an excellent, and highly rated, snow performer. It is much less expensive and comes pretty close to the Michelin, in my experience.

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