2017 Honda CR-V remote starter

Sick and tied of remote starter and climate control. When is tempeture outside 30F - 10F. Using remote starter 3 x 10min=30min. It still cold /freeze inside. Ask dialer for help - response was" it’s manufactory preset - 72*F, air flow to the windshield, fan - max"-can not do nothing. It still cold inside. I own Honda C-RV-2017 bought in August 2017.
Previously I owned Honda C-RV 2007,2014. Always use aftermarket Remote Starter and never get this kind of problem(manufactory preset).
My question is: how to get rid of this kind of “benefit”. Please help with advice.

Are you trying to disable the remote starter or change the climate control settings? I’m confused…

Assume that when you get in, the cabin heats up normally. Seems like a failure of the remote start/climate control interface.

The fan should only go above the lowest setting once the engine is warmed up. If it’s on max the minute you start the engine, it’s not behaving the way it should, and all that air blasting across the heater is doing is sucking what little warmth there is in the coolant and making it take much longer to heat up.

First step, verify that your climate control is set to auto – if it’s set to manual then it’s going to use whatever fan setting you had it on last.

If it’s in automatic and still doing this, then it needs to be fixed.

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My 2017 Accord EX-L has an automatic heater/AC system. I set the temperature and the system takes care of the rest. Is that what you have? When I start the car, the fan is on low for about five minutes, until the engine warms up enough to provide heat to the cabin. If the fan runs on high immediately, you get lots of cold air. I don’t use the auto start feature. Still, if your system is like mine, just set it to auto as suggested above. If that doesn’t work, take it to the dealer. It must be under warrranty.

My question is: how to rid off of MANUFACTORY PRESET - when using remote starter and inside the car still cold.

When in car and manually use hit - no problem.

Mike P.

“MANUFACTORY PRESET” should have the fan on its lowest speed setting until the engine starts to warm up. If this is not the behavior you are observing, then it is not functioning properly and needs to be fixed.

I do not have problem with heat when I manually start engine, but when I use to start engine with remote starter Honda preset the climate system and this setting not works to heat the car inside. Dealer said - we can do nothing because it manufactured preset. My question is - how to disconnect this preset. Back to old options- remote start the engine and heat is manually setting before.

By the way- when car start with remote starter - you can not see on display what exactly preset. Check your vehicle- no screen information .

Thank you.

What I am trying to get through to you is that what the dealer has told you is not correct, unless Honda is setting the CRV remote start up differently than their other vehicles’ remote starts, which put the climate control on the lowest setting until the engine has begun to warm up. I would be willing to bet a good deal of money that they did not decide to, only on the CRV, have the fan on blast right when it starts up, because that would be incredibly stupid as it would reduce the functionality of the system, use more gas, and have absolutely no benefit whatsoever to Honda.

You do not need to disable the feature because the “feature” indicates that something is wrong with your system that needs to be fixed.

This, btw, is an example of the point I was making in another thread about dealerships not being guaranteed to know beans about the cars they work on every day.

review what Honda says it does with your dealer:

it looks to me they are either not very knowledgeable or simply wish you to go away

since you say screen is not turning up, it looks to be some malfunction and should be covered under a base warranty

There are many pages of customizable features but HVAC operation is not listed as one of them. I don’t think you will be able to find some one to hack the remote start controler to change the starting operation, you will just have to live with it as is.

BTW, the remote start/HVAC is operating as designed;

While the engine is running, the vehicle will
automatically precondition inside the vehicle.
When it is warm outside:
• The air conditioning is activated in recirculation
When it is cold outside:
• The defroster is activated at a moderately warm
• The rear defogger and door mirror heaters are
• The seat and heated steering wheel are activated*”

Gentlemen, I went previously to carcomplaints.com-searching “Heat not working properly “. Found 26 complaints for Honda C-RV 2017.

For example- #10,12 - describes the same problem- “Using remote start the engine will not heat up after 3x10 minutes.”The only way to heat the engine or the cabin interior is to drive the CRV about 1-2 miles.

My opinion-because of the Honda manufacture preset this. I see the only one way to fix this- broke up the relationship between Remote starter and Climate control system. Back to old way.

But how to do this - Honda not help.

I was Honda CRV fan starting from 2007, 2014 and now 2017-very upset.

I think Honda is loosing the reputation.

Thank you

Your owners manual will tell you how to appeal to Honda for help, above the level of the local dealer. Good luck. Keep records of your and dealer’s actions so far.

Thank you, I appreciate your advice.