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Remote Engine Starter - Genuin or After Market

Hi. I have CR-V 2010 and want to add Remote Engine Starter as winter is apporaching. I never used this feature in any car in the past and I would appreciate if you share any comments, positive/negative about this. Also, is there difference buying from Honda and from After Market (which is a lot cheaper)?

If you put the aftermarket one in and something goes wrong, Honda will blame the aftermarket unit, and the aftermarket people will blame Honda. You may end up repairing the car at your expense.
If you get a Honda dealer to put a Honda remote start in, there shouldn’t be any warranty disputes if something goes wrong.
(By “something goes wrong” I don’t just mean with the remote start, I mean with the car. Remote start is fairly involved, and can cause all sorts of operational problems with the car. It can also be quite reliable and cause no issues. It depends on the unit, and how good the installer is.)

Thank you for your response. I should go with Honda one. Hope not issues later…

Many installers chop up your wiring harness to get it to work. Honda likely has an adapter that plugs in.

Since this is a new vehicle, get the factory option. If it was a 2005 or older, I’d go with an aftermarket kit from a certified installer.
I had one on my previous car and used it quite a bit. It was nice to come out to a car that was nice and warm and had some of the frost/ice getting cleared off while I finished getting ready for work(3 minutes tops before I made it out to the car, then scraped off the windows before I drove off).
They have timers which will shut them off after a certain period of time, usually 15 minutes. The biggest downside to the remote starter is the fuel consumption. My Civic would normally get around 22~24 mpg in the summer time and the worst I got in winter was 17mpg with heavy use of the remote start

Thank you.

I didn’t think about fuel consumption! Thank you for sharing your experience, pros and cons!