2017 GMC Terrain - What should I prepare for?

I just bought a used 2017 GMC Terrain 3.6L AWD SLT. So far ok. Should I be looking out for anything that could be a potential problem.

Some reports of seat belt/air bag problems, nothing mechanical. https://www.carcomplaints.com/GMC/Terrain/2017/ For your peace of mind, have an independent mechanic check it out for potential issues, something that’s recommended prior to purchase.

Nowadays besides general maintenance like brakes , oil and tires there isnt a lot that has to be done before 100000 miles . You can do minor stuff like lubricate door hinges and locks and change wiper blades and the cabin filter if it has one .

Your SUV has 19 complaints at safercar.gov, the NHTSA website that lists recalls, complaints, investigations, and manufacturer communications. No investigations or recalls, BTW. The largest number (7) is for both air bags and the catchall category (other), and no other complaints number more than 3. Don’t worry about it. The 2017 Toyota Highlander as 89 complaints and 3 recalls, for comparison.