2014 RAM 1500 seat cracking

I own a 2014 Ram crew cab I have cracking in the drivers seat after 50,000 miles. The vinyl is on the edge of seat cracking and coming apart. The truck is great other wise.

Welcome to the world of cheap interior fabrics used in Chrysler products.

An auto upholstery shop could re-cover this 15 year old seat easily.

2019 minus 2014 equals 5 .

I cam think of two approaches, one cheap and one not.

Cheap- Indian blanket- my choice

Expensive - Find a good upholstery shop and treat yourself to leather. My daughter did this with a new Rav4 she got a better quality leather than the factory used at a better price. Try to find a shop that does this for dealers, but deal directly with them and avoid the dealer markup.