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2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid starts on its own

I have a 2017 Ford Fusion hybrid. Sometimes the car starts by itself and I do not have key fob that has that option. Why does it do this and should I bring it to the ford dealer to check it?


Maybe it doesn’t like your house!!!


You mean it’s sitting empty on the driveway and it just starts up? My guess is that you didn’t actually shut it off when you last got out and it started when the hybrid battery got low enough to require charging.


If you park in your garage, please go out today and buy a carbon monoxide detector for your house if you don’t have one installed already. Until this is sorted out, this is a dangerous situation. In fact, it would be better if you parked in your driveway instead.

With all due respect, I have to ask…
With a nearly-new car that is under warranty, why would you NOT take it to the dealer’s service department?