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2017 Ford Fusion cruise control

at times when in cruise control and going downhilll it will downshift by itself a few gears… when it is disengaged it will return to normal by itself after a short time. the dealer says that it is supposed to do that to maintain set speed. I believe that this is B.S. . the car has 12000 miles on it and did not do this until recently

It is not. But you are welcome to ask another dealer. Why do you think this is a problem?

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The Fusion has such a small engine, I’m surprised that you don’t have to get out and push…going uphill.

Which engine is in this beast!!!


Not BS, my F150 will also downshift to not increase the speed going downhill, in my case high rise bridges. Without this feature you could very well gain significant amount of speed on downhill stretches.

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By virtue of the name, how else would you expect it to control the vehicle speed going downhill?

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