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2016 Toyota Corolla cruise control

On a recent trip I was using the cruise control and noticed that on a downhill that the engine was revving very high - almost to 5000 RPM. Since then I have opted not to use the cruise control on a downhill stretch. Is it okay to use the cruise control under such circumstances. Thank you. Jon Sun

2 year old car, still under warranty, possibly with the answer printed in your owners manual.

So my advice is: read your owners manual and see if this is normal for your car’s cruise control. If the answer is not there, call Toyota at the 1-800 number listed IN your owners manual and ask them. If they say is is OK, then it is OK. If they say No, take it for service, then do so, under warranty, for free.


My 2014 Tiguan shifts to a lower gear to maintain the set speed on down hills… sometimes it irritates me so i just put the transmision in manual mode.and lock it in the gear I want.

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nothing wrong with that. Cruise control is a driver’s option, you can choose to turn it off at any time.

How steep was the hill?


Most cruise systems have a cancel and resume feature so the manual shifting is unnecessary .

The reason i downshift manually is for engine braking of course and to prevent the trans from hunting. The hunting is what is irrtiating
Why would i disengage the CC?