2011 Ford Focus won’t downshift with cruise control

My car will Not Down shift with cruse control engaged on Grades and it will Studer shift and slam in gear at the bottom of the grade. Any clue I have had ford mechanic look at it and he could find nothing wrong.

The first thing you need to do is some driving tests to see if the problem is really related to the cruise control or not. Drive the same route using cruise control one time, and the next time w/o cruise control. If you find the problem occurs either way, most likely you got some kind of transmission control problem. If so, where to start, make sure the tranny’s fluid level is correct.

If it won’t downshift when climbing a grade what sort of shifting occurs at the bottom of the grade? Down shifting or up shifting?

I’ve had a couple cars do the same thing. Once I figured out to turn the overdrive off in hilly areas I no longer had the problem.

Thank you It dose not Do it with out the cruse engaged

Works ok in non-cruise mode? Very interesting. I have no idea what’s causing it, but your comments indicates it may not be a transmission problem, which is a very good thing for your wallet. You may need to take it to a dealer or a inde shop having the Ford specific scan tool and Ford cruise control diagnostic experience. I presume see the post above about possible overdrive control involvement. Something to consider if your car has the ability to switch the overdrive function on and off. I’ve never had a car with that capability, so no experience.