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2016 Hyundai Azera - Cruise issue

I have a 2016 Hyundai Azera with a cruise control issue. It works fine maintaining highway speeds even when going uphill. The problem is downhill, the car will not downshift at all to slow the car. This started about a year ago. I took it to my local Hyundai dealer and they checked it and said everythikng check out fine and that the car will just go as fast as I will allow until I apply the brakes. I argued with them to no avail. I filed a complaint with Hyundai Customer Care(not much help either). Too to another dealer and they did road test it and it did what I was telling them, but as they had their computer treser hooked up it did not give them any code, so they reset the computer to erase it memory hoping that would cure it. Well, it didn’t. Now they are waiting to hear from the Hyundai rep to see what if anything they will try next. Do you have any ideas?

Yeah, that is how cruise control works on nearly every car. Get used to it, stop using cruise or sell the car.

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I’m going to disagree with you Mustangman. The way I read the OP, it would downshift when descending hills for the first two years. I think my truck has done that, but steep descents are a vary rare occupancy for me.

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I also disagree. I drive a 10 year old Corolla and it has no problem downshifting on downgrades. Surely cruise control on a newer car would work as well.

from what I see the cruise control functions involves just two parts, the cruise control switch, and the cruise control module. this car is a drive by wire design I presume. So it’s either a problem with one or both of those parts, or a problem with the transmission and its communication with the module. There’s some tsb’s for reprogramming the transmission control software, might ask the dealership if that could be related. Seems unlikely. I don’t see any tsb’s related specifically to the cruise control. My wild guess is the module is ordering the transmission to downshift, but for some reason that’s not happening. Either there’s a problem with the communication path from the module to the transmission, or the transmission is failing to obey the command. This all presumes of course this is supposed happen, not a supported function on some cars as mentioned above.

One idea: trial by fire, ask the dealership to temporarily replace both CC parts and see if that helps or not.

Both parts seem to be readily replaceable, about 1/2 hour labor each. The module however is breathtakingly expensive, nearly $3000. For $3000, you sure you don’t want to just live with it?

Does this car have standard or advanced cruise control with distance monitoring? Most cruise controls systems are not designed to slow the car on a downgrade. The manual for your car actually discourages use in hilly areas with the standard system.

It has standard. But like I originally said, it had been working fine until about a year ago, would always downshift if descending a grade and speed would increase about 6 to 7 mph than set, it would downshift, as all of my previous cars would do as well.