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2017 Ford Focus transmission shudder

Has the transmission shutter been fixed on the 2017 Ford Focus ?

I have a 2017 Ford Focus SE 1.0l Ecoboost and so far at 48000 miles I’ve had no problems with the tranny, but the 1.0l Ecoboost has a different trans than the 4 cyl so I’m not shore which one you may be referring too. I hope this helps and little!!!

Engagement feel is better with the later DPS6 clutch but is not 100%. Putting this trans-axle through high heat cycle stop and go traffic, the Shuddering will come at some point in my opinion.

Those who don’t let the clutch slip, have better success with the clutch feel. Stop and Go traffic or lots of creeping get the two clutches (Primarily clutch A) HOT. Heat (High), with any clutch clutch, changes the friction characteristics permanently. Before people scream that automatic transmissions do not have dry friction clutches, This DPS6 transmission is ultimately a manual shift/stick shift transmission that is shifted electrically by a control module. The module is ultimately working the clutch pedal. When the vehicle is forced to creep, the module must slip/ride the clutch.

I know people who still lover their Focus, even the initial generation 2012 (They tend to highway cruise) with decent engagement feel and have been satisfied with the vehicle. I have others that are in traffic everyday and or creep the clutch constantly and the vehicle shudders. Question is, what kind of driver are you or environment are you in?