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2017 Ford Flex takes off like a bullet

My 2017 Flex pause and will not go but all of a sudden takes off like a bullet… I’m pushing the pedal all the way to the floor. Please help. thanks

ONE year old car still under warranty. The help you need is at the dealer. Take it back to Ford and tell them what you told us. Demonstrate it for them if you can.


Your left foot is probably on the brake. Put it over on the dead pedal and brake with your right foot.

It’s probably a problem with the drive by wire system. Most new cars these days use a computer to command the throttle valve to move in proportion to how much you press on the pedal. If something goes wrong with that system this problem could ensue. Usually there would be a check engine light associated with that, but not always. As mentioned above, get this checked at a dealership, as a warranty issue.

Quite a few cars with the throttle by wire system have this lag. My 2013 Camry V-6 is one. There are after market “throttle controllers”. Just not worth the money to me.

What happens if you push the pedal half way to the floor? Press it enough to take the slack out of the pedal plus a little, half way, 3/4 and tell us how your launch varies. Is the delay the same?