2017 Ford Fusion shuts down while driving

My 2017 Ford Fusion shuts down when driving. I have had it in to DCH Ford in Thousand Oaks, CA and Vista Ford in Oxnard, Ca. DCH had it for 8 days and said there was nothing wrong with it. Vista Ford has had it twice and has it now for 7 days. They say they are not getting any error messages except braking and excelerating at the same time. They say they saw this 22 times and the car is programed to shut down when you do this. The car has shut down 8 times not 22 and the last 2 times I was braking for slow traffic on the freeway and the other at a red light stopped. The car would not restart for several minutes. Normally it will start right up when this happens. I have had numerous error messages, Full Accesory Power Active, a wrench, car with skid marks and service engine soon symbol. The dealer says they do not show any of these error messages. I am terrified that I am going to get in an accident when it happens. I just want my car fixed so I can drive without being afraid.

That is your answer right there. If you are a left foot braker, right foot accelerator this will continue to happen so to prevent it you MUST stop touching both at the same time. The solution is all on you.

If you are NOT a left foot braker, I’d bet a dozen donuts that your brake light switch is mis-adjusted such that the car THINKS you are touching the brake when you are not. That will also turn on your brake lights and drive the people following you to insanity with your flashing brakes. In that case, go back to the dealer and tell them you don’t left foot brake and to check the brake light switch for adjustment.

If all else fails, check into your state’s lemon laws. If the car maker cannot fix your problem, many states require them to buy it back.

Hope that helps.