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2007 Ford Focus accelerator problem

Recently I was driving on the highway, about 70 miles into my trip, when all of a sudden my cruise control kicked out and the rpms went high and then I lost acceleration. I pulled over to the berm and tried to take off. Problem is I could not get the car past 30mph because the accelerator pedal could. not be pushed down more than an inch or two no matter how hard I pushed. What could be wrong??? Thanks in advance !!!

Assuming your car still uses a cable and isn’t a ‘drive by wire’ throttle, inspect he cable. Also see if there’s something under the pedal (rug, empty soda bottle) to make sure that’s not keeping the pedal from going down further.
If you look under the hood, you’ll notice that the foot pedal movement moves a lever on on the air intake. See if you can move that lever freely by hand. There’s a spring that will offer some resistance and moves it back to the rest position but you should be able to just move it by hand easily.
You could spray some PB blaster (home depot sells it) into the cable to see if it frees it up. You could be in need of a new cable, if it frayed and is getting stuck in its sleeve.