2017 Ford Explorer - Negative on Fords

same as above add 2000.00 $ to your vaca expenses & tell your wife your gonna be stuck in a motel several days while dealer takes the engine out to replace a water pump & see how happy she will be with you for choosing this vehicle . She will be at the Honda dealer looking at Hondas next week .this goofy german style enginering will no doubt cost Ford a lota bussiness,no matter how many Fords they had in the past .

No one at CarTalk can appreciate your rant as we cannot see the post you replied to.


+1 for Mustangman…

She might be even happier with a Toyota… just saying…

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My guess would be that this is one of those new-fangled Ford engines that have the water pump behind the front engine cover. If so, that stinks.

But tell your wife that even that new Honda will need proper maintenance as well, and at times that might get expensive.


Yeah, like your wife will believe that is why you took a vacation and are in a motel without her!

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Me, I wouldn’t down-rate a manufacturer b/c a waterpump job on one of their new truck designs costs $2000 parts & labor. By comparison it takes close to 4 hours labor to replace the water pump on my early 90s Corolla. With dealership shop rates running close to $200 per hour, if done at a dealership I’d be looking at at close to $1000, on even my older, smaller, simpler-design car. If it takes several days to complete the job, that would be a definite minus, but some of that time must not be the billable variety, techs are waiting for access to the needed equipment , etc.

The labor alone on the OP’s vehicle is 1.6 hours for an I4…
Or, 12.2 hours for a V6 Normally Aspirated engine… So I am going to guess that he has the V6 engine…


Good info. I have to wonder how a Ford dealership shop can afford to do that job for only $2000 then? Maybe Ford corporation is providing a subsidy?

I know it’s a bad design to require a possible engine removal to replace the water pump. But was the coolant replaced as required using the correct Ford Motorcraft red or pink coolant?

Its a piss poor design , no amount of spin can fix . Ford will sell more Hondas /Yotas because of this stupid design , just like poor engineering has caust GM so much sales lost to the japs .This design is equavilant to the Budweiser mistake in advertising . the results will take a while for Ford to see .This is the kinda shit you see on german cars ,but thay luv em so much they just pay & wait &go home & get in their dependable American car & wait for the car several days later when its fixed . Tell you wife your gonna be in a motel for several days with kids on VACA & seeif she still luvs that german/Ford car then . She will be in the honda dealer soon as you get home . She,ll ask the honda salesman ,where is the water pump on this Honda ?

Ya think?
Check out this WP replacement on a Honda.

BTW, Ford returned the Explorer to a longitudinal front engine RWD from your transverse engine FWD vehicle.

Looked up a 2020 Honda Civic 1.5L water pump labor:

All 1.5L Eng
Includes: Bleed Cooling System.
4.5 hours labor time…

That is a far cry from 12.2 hours of the ford… lol

And yes I have seen a lot of the AWD Police Explorer’s have leaking W/P’s… lol

Folks here asking about buying a car will sometimes be advised what the typical parts replacement costs are for the vehicle, parts and labor. Water pump is a common replacement item. Suggest next time you are thinking of a purchase, ask about the typical parts replacement cost for that vehicle.

You may or may not be aware that the waterpump problems on the transversely-mounted Ford 3.5L/3.7L V6’s a well known issue. It’s been going on for about a decade now. My dad junked a 2011 Taurus SHO at 110k miles because of it. The newer versions (2013+) have a double gasket on the water pump with a weep hole in the middle, the idea being that the owner would notice coolant leaking out before the inner gasket was breached and the crisis could be averted. The pre-2013 3.5L/3.7L’s didn’t have that.

Honda’s aren’t quite a reliable as they used to be. Still better than average, but no longer on the same tier as Toyota.

Make sure she asks about the timing belt and how the Honda V6’s are interference engines.

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