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1998 Ford Explorer - Advice on timing change

what is neede to replace atiming chain in the5.0liter ? Should water pump be replaced at the same time? estmate of cost?

What do you mean, “what is neede”? The parts? or the work? I’d replace the water pump only if it hadn’t been done before while you are in there. As far as cost - again - what do you mean? Parts cost for a DIY or to have a garage do the work?

I mean, the chain itself is cheap…the labor?? Not so much! You’re going to need to call around to several recommended independent mechanics near you and get some estimates

Paul, if you are not doing the work yourself then you should get estimates from 2 or 3 shops , this thing is too old for a dealer shop. If you are doing the work then you need to get parts prices. I can’t do that for you because where you are located and where you buy the parts all make a difference.