2017 Ford Escape -peeling paint

I wonder how much $$ for a paint shop to do a spot repair? The match wouldn’t be perfect, but might be good enough. Another option, the owner takes this project on as a diy’er repair using some sanding followed by spray-can (rattle-can) paint. An auto paint supply store could probably make a custom mix in a rattle can if the needed color not available off the shelf. Not going to be as robust as a 2-part, but might solve the problem for a while, then will have to be re-done is all.

On a 2017, just have the body shop re-finish the area for $3-500, unless you have some painting experience.

I want to add some additional context:

  1. to anyone who says that the orig owner or current owner caused the problem: What we have is enormous numbers of Ford Escape owners having identical peeling issues in the same exact areas. Thousands of folks are not out there trying to ruin their car paint.
  2. People who say it isn’t a common problem: Once it happened to my wife’s car, it took me all of 10 minute to realize that there are complaints all over the internet. I found a single Ford Escape forum with upwards of 200 people documenting this problem on their cars. In all the forums the commonality seems to be: Metallic Blue or White color with 2017-2018 years being the most affected.

Hopefully Ford will either issue a Service Campaign or like Toyota did, extend the warranty on the paint. If not, I have now seen several law firms who seem to be working on class action lawsuits.

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