2017 Ford Edge rocker switch

On my new '17 Ford Edge Titanium AWD, there’s a rocker button on the end of the left-hand stalk behind the steering wheel. This is the stalk that controls the lights. What does that rocker switch do? It has only 2 positions, so I assume it’s simply on/off, but I can’t figure out what it controls.

Did you not get a manual with the vehicle?

Yes, I did & I’ve read the first several sections a few times specifically looking for an answer. Couldn’t find it. —Wm Kirk

Next time in for an oil change ask your service writer or ask your sales person. My dealership is very helpful. I just got a new phone, could not get it to pair with my F150s Bluetooth, pulled into my dealership, sales person did it for me even though I bought the truck 5 years ago.

Okay, thanks, I will remember to ask. They should know. —-Wm.

The info I got says that switch on the end of the left hand stalk is to turn the Lane Assist on and off. That should be in the manual.

Thank you, Volvo. If it is in the manual, and it likely is, I missed it. I’ll try it out next time on the Interstate. —-Wm.

It took me a couple years to find out I had a lumbar bag in my seat and I usually look through the manual pretty good. Much better after I deflated the thing.

IMHO, the problem with many Owner’s Manuals is not that they don’t include vital information, but–instead–that they don’t place that info where one could reasonably expect to find it. I know that this isn’t what most people want to hear but, here goes…
This is why it behooves all of us to do a thorough cover-to-cover reading of our Owner’s Manuals shortly after buying a new car.

Yes, much of it can be skimmed-over (One of my cars had–no joke!–12 pages on how to use the seatbelts!), but at least a cursory reading of the entire manual is a good idea, followed by periodic re-reading of certain sections. And, sometimes we need to “modify” the manual ourselves. After being annoyed by having to periodically pore through 3 different sections of the manual in order to find the correct lug nut torque for my car, I eventually just jotted that info on the inside of the manual’s back cover.

Yeah I do the same, especially for the directions on resetting the oil meter. There should be a full page picture somewhere though of the dash with the controls labeled for a quick review. Worse thing is getting a rental car with no manual in sight and not being able to figure out how to get the parking brake off.

Now that owners manuals are longer than “War and Peace”…

The manual stinks IMO. Here’s what I see-

Lane assist-