Mystery Knob of Wonderent!

So I bought this truck (2005 Chevrolet Colorado LS) a few weeks ago, and I’ve been trying to figure out what this knob does but I’ve come up with nothing so far. So if anyone has any idea about it, I would love to know what it does.

Can you give us another clue? Like a picture maybe?

Adding a picture right now

Possibly nothing. I have a similar knob on my dash (15 Forester) and it does nothing, as verified by the dealer. The manual labels it “Information display selection knob” but the manual is wrong.

Download an owners manual for your mystery car and read it.

Looks like something that was add on by the previous owner.

Doesn’t look like a factory knob to me.

I have an owners manual, but I can’t find anything related to the knob, so I’m guessing it’s something aftermarket

Looks like an aftermarket knob. For some mystery add-on.

That’s the button for the ejection seat. Only the vehicles with a sunroof are actually so equipped, yours is just a dummy


I put knobs like that on cars that I trade all the time just to confuse people-just kidding. I have no idea but you’ll find out at some point. It wasn’t long ago and I found out I had a lumbar support bag after a couple years. My wife says she knew it all along so ask her maybe.

A closer up picture would help. I saved it as a pictures file and blew it up but the resolution was poor. It almost looks to me like an RCA audio jack. Is there a hole in the middle?

I couldn’t blow it up but got the magnifying glass out. It looked like an actual knob or at least the stem for a knob but couldn’t see any detail.

I wonder if that’s not the air bag off button. The dash is a little different in the manual but it does have that button up above the radio.

Sorry but I have to say that is something you should have asked when you bought the truck.

What happens when you turn it? Turn on all the electrical equipment and see it anything changes. It looks like it could control the dash light level, but that knob is probably coupled with the trip odometer reset.