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2001 Oldsmobile Alero Mystrey Button

I have this toggle button in between the drivers door and the steering column. I have no idea what the icon on the button means, and when I toggle it on or off, all I hear is a small click sound, but I can?t tell what it?s doing.

I took a couple of lousy photo?s with my cell. You can look at them here. http://pic…yz/MyAuto#

The icon on the switch indicates that it controls a light of some sort. Check to see if it activates fog lights, or an underhood light, or some other accessory light that is not visible from inside the car.

Your Owner’s Manual does not address this topic? Since it is apparently a factory-installed switch, rather than an aftermarket add-on, I would find it very strange if this topic was not included in the manual, in the section containing dashboard controls and gauges.

Assuming the Alero has daytime running lights (DRL), I would guess the switch disables the DRL. The DRL’s on my 2000 Blazer are the high beams at reduced power, it should be easy enough to check on your car. Check the owner’s manual if you have one.

Ed B.

Wow, two great suggestions. When I was testing the button it was in the middle of the day so that’s maybe why I didn’t see a change. Also, this is a used car and no longer has an owners manual, and trying to find one online was a lost cause. Thanks for the help!

You will need an Owner’s Manual. Check e-bay for one, and you just might luck out.

I have a Grand Am, which is the Pontaiac equivalent to the Olds Alero. The toggle button to which you refer controls the fog lights mounted in the bumper. Push it up and they’re on, down and their off. The light on the toggle shows if they are on or off.

If you would like to buy a brand new Owner’s Manual for your car you can check here: Helm, Inc.

One more detail: if the fog lights are hooked up properly, they will only work with the LOW beam of the headlights.


do not use these in city traffic, highway only.