2017 Ford Edge - Cost to replace a sunroof

what is the cost to replace a 2017 ford edge sun roof glass

Is there some reason you can’t call places near you for this question , where ever you are ? You could also check with the dealer if you are still in the bumper to bumper warranty . Or if it is damaged by a storm then call your insurance.

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A dealer will charge you around $2000! https://www.carcomplaints.com/Ford/Edge/2016/windows_windshield/vista_roof_glass_cracked.shtml You can probably have it done for less going to Safelite or someplace similar.

PGW is also good . . . should also be a lot cheaper than factory glass

For a sunroof . . . which isn’t likely to have any antennas, heaters, sensors, or anything of that nature . . . I’d even consider relatively cheap Chinese glass.

Shop around, call several different places if you have to.

As dave said, no reason to pay $2000 if you have several other options

I can’t speak for the Edge but the Fords I’ve owned which had sunroofs were actually aftermarket installed. Many think they’re factory but they are not.

If you have an auto accessory shop in your area you might ask them about this.

Around here, an accessory shop a 1/4 mile from both the Ford and Chevy houses does all of the sunroofs, graphics, aftermarket wheels/tires, pushbars, and just about any other add-on you can think of.

Two grand is not an option though and the thought does occur to me that the Ford dealer may send it to an AM shop for repair, pay them a grand, and then bill you another grand for simply ferrying it there and back.

The panoramic sunroofs are very expensive to repair, the front glass panel is more than $900.

I worked on a panoramic sunroof today, fortunately it was only trim parts.

Last week I replaced the sunroof drive tracks in a 2014 GS 350 with an extended warranty, job took most of the day and only paid 5.2 hours of labor.

During the last 30 years I have only worked on factory sunroofs. Factory installed sunroofs were more common than aftermarket 30 years ago, I have not seen an aftermarket sunroof in 20 years. Even the cheapest vehicles are available with a factory sunroof, I must have replaced at least 25 Dodge Neon sunroof assemblies.

Years ago I worked next door to an Enterprise Leasing location. They purchased stripped down cars and had their own people install body side moldings and the like because it was cheaper than the factory installed option.