2010 Ford Edge limited sunroof

I have a 2010 ford edge with a broken sunroof, at first the sunroof wouldn’t open so I did the recalibration process and the sunroof was able to open, that’s where the problem began, after i opened it one time it refused to close, i was able to get it closed with some help but manually pushing it down, now I don’t even want to touch it until I know for sure what is wrong, I also found a black piece of plastic from the passenger side sunroof track and from what I’ve seen this piece comes out a lot. can anyone give me an idea of what this is, or even an estimate of what it would cost to fix this.

No experience with that car’s sunroof, but on my VW Rabbit, when the (manually operated) sunroof got balky closing/opening it was usually caused by gunk, debris, etc in the channels that the edge of the sunroof runs along.

Usually those are just replaced as a complete unit . Call your local dealer for a price and a body shop . Or just leave it closed if the cost is more than you want to pay.

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The sunroof has to be disassemble to find out what’s broken.



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I have replaced many damaged drive tracks or lift channels but not on Fords. As you can see the lift channels are $460 each, motor is $220. Labor for a car out of warranty is about 5 hours, the side curtain airbags make repairs more difficult. Or perhaps the drive tracks are just dirty, lots of luck.

Getting phone quote for this would be like calling your doctor and complaining about chest pains, how much will this cost?