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Cracked moon roof

I just noticed the moon roof on my 04 Forester is cracked! I called the local dealer & they want @ $800 to replace it: $560 + tax for the glass/assembly, which must be nonrefundably prepaid, and 2hrs of labor, @ $190. I’m @ to call some other dealers, but I’m expecting the same or similar results.

Is this the sort of repair that should be left to a dealer, or would it be wise to contact an independent garage?

The cracks are not leaking, so I feel that I don’t need to rush out & get it fixed today. But I’m concerned @ leaving it through winter–I live in Maine.

Anyone have experience with this? Suggestions?



Any competent garage should be able to handle this and if you do not want to have the dealer to do this (and depending on your locale) you might look in the yellow pages for an automotive accessory store.

Accessory stores specialize in sun/moon roofs, window tint, stripes, truck bedliners, etc so they may be able to save you some money as compared to the dealer.

Many new car dealers actually use accessory stores for add-ons so the acc. stores are generally familiar with things like this.

How is the glass mounted? The sunroof panel in my 2000 Blazer is attached to the sliding rails by two Torx bolts on each side. It takes about 5 minutes to remove the glass.

If the sunroof in the Subaru is mounted in a similar fashion, consider checking automotive recyclers (junkyards) for a replacement panel and do the installation yourself.

Ed B.

Check with glass places too, the places that replace windshields, like PPG. You’ll probably save a bundle.

If you have full coverage on the vehicle with reasonable deductible go that route. Small claims typically under $1000 don’t effect your rates unless excessive.