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2010 Hyundai Genesis sunroof repair cost

Sunroof assembly malfunctioned in January and when I took it to the dealer to have it looked at, he said it ”broke” when they were attempting to get it back on track. They’re quoting me $3400 to repair it. Does this seem unreasonable? From my research, this is a common problem with Genesis models 2010-2012

They broke what? You are not clear what was broken to begin with and what the dealer broke. But I guess either way if they admitted to breaking things they should be replacing/fixing those things on their dime. Although I did grow up in the “you break it, you bought it” era of yesteryear. Not this modern era of “it’s not my fault”.

It seems like they broke it and they should pay to fix it. The dealer has insurance to pay for their mistakes.

It seems like it was malfunctioning when you took it to the dealer, it may already have been broken. They could also have made it worse trying to fix it. Try to negotiate with them for a better price.

If you can’t get a better deal, try an independent body shop, they might be able to give you a better price.

If the mechanism wasn’t working, and the dealership shattered the glass trying to put it back on the track, then unless I’m missing some information you should pay for the original necessary repair, and they should pay for the glass and labor to replace it.

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Thanks to all of you for replying back; unfortunately, I didn’t learn anything new. The sunroof was found tilted up in the rear in the garage per operation but NOT open (i.e. slid back from the front of the assembly here you could put your hand outside). When the sunroof lever was pressed to close it, it made a “grinding noise” and the glass top became tilted in the roof (one corner above the roof line and the opposite corner below the roof line). Called the dealer and made an appointment and without seeing the car, he suggested the assembly had gotten “off track” and they would try to realign it. My understanding is the assembly (just inside the roof opening) is made of some type of plastic. At the dealer, my service manager said a technician attempted to get the assembly back on track and “it broke”. Was it already broke and broken further? That I wouldn’t know and I feel it would be my word against his. The glass of the sunroof is fine - its the rest of the sunroof assembly that they’re wanting to replace for $3400. My service manager said he would call around and see if he could find a used assembly but that was in January and I still have a cockeyed sunroof. I have another mechanic I’ve found to get another estimate, but I wanted your consensus as to what would be a reasonable cost to get my sunroof back operationally.

That they even made an attempt to put the thing back on track should be appreciated. Those are assemblies and not repair items as a rule. You have really no choice but to have a new one installed because a used one
might not last and would not have a warranty.

The other thought is could a body shop find a way to have it set flush and not leak but never open again if the $3400.00 is more than you want spend.


I bought my 2012 38. V6 Genesis new and have been the only owner and driver. It now has about 73k on it. A month and a half ago I felt my nephew it it while I was in a store. When I came back he had tried to open the sunroof and it was making a horrible grinding sound. Mercifully, I managed to get it closed though not evenly. Mind you, I probably opened it less than 10 times since I bought it because I really don’t get much of a thrill from sunroofs.

I took it in to the dealer and while I was sitting in the waiting room, a service rep sidled up to me and told me the whole thing needed to be replaced, that it would cost over $2700, and did I have an extended service warranty. I said no at first because I usually resist the hard sell by the finance guy, but then remembered I HAD purchased something because I was stepping up from a '98 Mazda Millenia and was scared of all the electronics. I went out to the Genesis, checked the paperwork, and mercifully, I had bought it. It did cover the entirety of the cost to fix the sunroof.

Oh and in a separate forum I detailed the shifting issues that caused my transmission (3.8L V6) to have to be replaced. There was a technical service bulletin on that one.

From reading, they use plastic guides in those. Breaking could be due to age.

As for $3800, they have you by the short ones. You could try taking it to other shops and/or dealers, but the part is broken. A top shop might cut the cost significantly, if they’ll tackle the job. That cost sounds REALLY high, but Hyundai does have a few outlandishly expensive repairs.

If you can live w/o a sunroof, maybe someone can close it up and call it quits.

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Well, no. The OP said he had an extended warranty that covered the repair. I’m not sure why the OP posted, except to inform us of the tribulations he’s had with his Genesis.

If I am being alluded to, I am not the original poster. But yes, I wanted to contribute my experiences with the 2012 3.8 Genesis sunroof and transmission :slight_smile: