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2017 Ford Edge battery suddenly dead

My car is exactly a year old, with only 6k miles on it. The battery was dead this morning. None of the doors were ajar that I could tell. Any ideas???

Yup! My idea is that it is the dealer’s problem because the car has 2 years left on its warranty! Unless, of course, you left your lights on, then its on you.

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Yes, I have an idea. Your vehicle is still under warranty. The battery has it’s own warranty and if bad it will be prorated and replaced. You should also have road side service from Ford for 5 years . Use the features that you paid for in the price of the vehicle.

I wonder if the key fob was close enough to keep the computers in “readiness” mode and drain the battery…otherwise you likely have a parasitic drain somewhere…take it back to the dealership so they can test for the drain