2016 Ford Fiesta went through 4 batteries since purchase

My 2016 Ford Fiesta went through 4 batteries since I bought it in 2017. Is there a problem with the electrical system?

Probably. Have it checked for parasitic drain.

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4 batteries in 3 years… hope you got 3 for free since they were under warranty… The company selling you batteries DID warranty them, right??

Either the company is selling you batteries when you don’t need them because they have big boat payments…

Or possibly you only drive the car short trips, not many miles per year and live in a hot climate. This will kill batteries pretty quickly.

Or your car has a problem - likely a parasitic drain as @Purebred suggested that needs to be fixed.


I think OP means 3 years 2017-2020. But still excessive.

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I suspect the problem is not the batteries but misdiagnosis by the person working on the car. They may be incorrectly assuming because a battery is dead that the battery is the problem.

What needs to be known here is how these alleged battery failures were determined.