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2017 Chrysler Pacifica - Hubcaps?

Does it affect the health of the brakes to not have a hubcap?
My chrys pacifica 2017 has hubcaps that are so ope i wonder why they’re there atall? Do the inards of the wheels, brakepads, get more grit by being exposed and rust more??

All of those parts you mentioned are exposed to the elements all the time. With or without hubcaps.

Not sure what the issue is here.

Hubcaps are decoration only.

Can the OP please clarify whether he/she is worried about his/her wheel covers, or his/her hub caps?

There is a difference between wheel covers and hub caps, but… at the end of the day… this potential problem seems to be–as Shakespeare said–Much Ado About Nothing.

no, it does not.

Most vehicles use alloy wheels now which are more open than the old steel wheels with hubcaps . If it was an issue I doubt they would use them .

I like wheel covers because lug nuts get rusty and ugly. Some designs of wheel covers - the ones that snap into place after the wheel is installed - cover them. Their only function is aesthetic.


OP, if you can post a photo of the wheel with and without the hubcaps you’ll get better results here.

I believe this is the wheel the OP is talking about.

Well that’s not a hubcap or wheel cover.

Well you can look at the other side of it , if it’s more open then the brakes stay cooler and are more effective at braking .