2017 Chrysler Pacifica - AC Problems

A few months ago our A/C stopped blowing cold air. It was blowing but would never get cold. The van is only two years old but we drive a lot and it is out of warranty. Trying to avoid the dealership service department I tried to take it elsewhere to get it fixed but other local repair shops said I have a new A/C that doesn’t use freon and that the only place that has the equipment to fix it would be the dealership. I took it in and was told the air compressor was bad and paid over $900 to fix it. Two weeks later on a 90 degree plus weekend the air conditioner once again stopped blowing cold air. I brought it back and was told that the new compressor that I just paid to fix went out and they’d have to get a new one. I was without a car for a total of 5 days, paid for users and am completely frustrated with the whole situation

Just for the record, the original Freon has been being phased out of new vehicle AC systems since about 1994. Its replacement, sometime also called “Freon” a DuPont trademark, is also now no longer used since about 2015. Any shop that can’t work on modern AC systems with new refrigerants is really not an AC shop. Hopefully, the second compressor will do the trick. If your miles are anywhere even close to the warranty limit it would be well worth asking Chrysler corporate for help. # is in your vehicle documents.