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Pacifica A/C Problem

I’ve got a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. Since we purchased it the air conditioning has been acting strange. It will run perfectly fine for the first portion of any trip. We can run it perfectly fine for hours and hours without any trouble. However, as soon as we stop the car and go run an errand or anything for amount of time over about ten minutes, the AC will not work whatsoever for the rest of the trip until the car has rested for a few hours. Cars are not supposed to act like humans and need a break do they?

We first really noticed it while taking a trip to Florida that ended up being a month long to take care of my grandmother. It started doing it suddenly about a week into the trip; it would cut out after a few stops and starts. However after that it quickly went downhill to the point were it is at now. This was back in 2005. We took it to a dealership down there and they treated us like we had 3 heads and were more or less useless. We have taken it to a few dealerships since to no avail. I’ve done some quick research and saw a few others had similar problems, but saw no reasons or answers. Help!

Check your local phone directory for an automotive cooling/AC specialist in your area. These folks are the experts and are the best bet for correct diagnosis and repair of your Pacifica’s AC system.