Civic a/c problem

hi just repaced the clutch on my compressor and put freon in it it was blowing cold but like 5 min. after the car started shaking and it turnd off. So i started the car again and and the i heard a pop and smoke came out from the hood, found out for some reason the compressor released all the freon and after that the car dint shook any more . so i put some more freon and the shaking started again and the car turns off so i let the freon out and it stop . and for some reason on the passenger side were the blower gose it started to get wet.i whant to find out if my copressor is still good before i take it to a mechanic and get riped off in buying a new one . thanks for ut time

Any time you are low on refrigerant, you should expect to find a leak. A/C’s don’t consume refrigerant, the leak it. How old is your refrigerator? How often have you had to add refrigerant? I can’t tell if your mechanic has done his job or not, but I would suggest taking your car to an A/C professional. In the north you will usually find them at the radiator shop, not the corner mechanic.

It sounds like the compressor is shot. That’s probably what killed the clutch in the first place.

I agree with Joseph. The lesson here is to get A/C work by an A/C technician.

My belief is that whenever a compressor goes bad, the best thing to do is usually to replace it. With an A/C compressor, it doesn’t matter if it is an electrical problem, clutch failure, or it freezes up completely. Just bite the bullet and replace it. It is worth the $1,300.

The OP hasn’t told us anything about the car except that it’s a Civic. It may not be worth replacing the compressor if he has to have a shop do it. The car could be a 20-year-old rust-bucket with 4ooK miles on it.

However, if the car is in reasonable shape otherwise, Jeremy is right. But I think the cost should be below $1300. Depends on whether trash from the compressor has been shot into the rest of the system.

You are right. When I said it was worth it, I was thinking about comfort, not fiscal feasability.

the car is a 95 civic with 072,837 on it . a freind had it put up and sold it 2 me for $800 he put it up in 2000 . and thats the only proble the car has given me .


Let an A/C shop service the A/C. It may need only replacing of the dryer, vacuuming, and charging to the proper level. The evaporator drain may be stopped up and draining onto the floorboards.

The timing belt was due change at 8 years. It’s now 4 years past due. If the timing belt goes, much expensive damage to valves (maybe, more).

so there might be a chance the compressor is still good.And for the timing belt thats the the first thing i did when i got the car.