Air Conditioner

I own a 2006 chrysler pacifica n it has no ac. I bought it used and at dat time it had ac. When I turn it on it blows air except not cold refreshing air. I also no it has freon because one of my buddies put some in it and checked it with da gauge which was close to the danger zone. When I have it on I look under the hood and u can hear the clutch engage and then disengage in a matter of seconds you can also feel it because it takes away from the engine. What’s wrong with my ac please help me. Thanx!

Probably one of da doors dat direct air, floor/defrost/vent, is not opening for a/c.
Some are vacuum, some are electric. Detailed diag is needed.

If the compressor is short cylcling like that it could be a plugged orifice or too much freon.

If your friend’s gauge showed close to the danger zone, your system may have too much refrigerant in it. That could also explain the compressor short-cycling. Have the system pressure checked again, maybe by someone else with a different gauge, to confirm that the pressure is too high.

An alternate reason for no cold air and compressor short-cycling could be a plugged orifice tube (also called an expansion valve). If this happens, the refrigerant won’t flow into the evaporator, which is the part that cools the air blowing into the cabin. If no refrigerant has been added to the system since you bought the car, then I doubt that the system now has too much in it, so a plugged orifice is most likely what has happened.

Good luck!

I vote to bring it to a real A/C shop During the cold months they hide out be changing the sign to read “radiator shop”.

You can’t draw any conclusions whatsoever by what one of those charge can gagues displays, short cycling can be related to low charge.