2015 Chevrolet Sonic - Fading paint

Purchase this vehicle in 2016. The paint is fading on the roof of the car and on front of this car. I’m pissed off. Hopefully ChevLabody in Greensboro NC will fix the problem.

If you mean repaint for free, highly unlikely on a six year old car.


That’s taking wishful thinking to a new level.


Why would a dealership give you a free re-paint on 6 year old vehicle?
Vehicle warranties are issued, and warranty-related repairs are paid for, by the vehicle manufacturer–NOT a dealership.

You might try contacting GM corporate at the toll-free phone number that can be found in your Owner’s Manual, but I seriously doubt if you will be successful.

Just curious, why did you post this?

You didn’t ask a question. You didn’t ask for advice. You simply posted a rant.

What response were you expecting from this forum? Inquiring minds want to know.