2017 Chevrolet Camaro - Month-long fix failed to solve issue

the engine would shut over unexpectedly. Put in the local Chevrolet dealer, where I purchased it. They had for over a month coordinating with General Motors running diagnostics for 16 hours. They thought the problem was two frayed wires. They fixed that returned it two me. It ran fine for three days and now it is doing the same thing. They told be to take to another dealer or they would charge me $140 an hour to run more diagnostics. Any one else have the same issue with there camaro?.

I’d do as they suggest, and don’t tell the next dealer about the conversation with the first dealer. I suspect that their suggestion was so that you might not be charged for diagnostics. Check the warranty. The car is too old for the bumper to bumper warranty, but it might still qualify for the usually longer power train warranty.

Replace the crank sensor, and cross your fingers.



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Thank you for the information. I really appreciate it.

Just curious, but did they show you or tell you where those frayed wires were?

They had your car for a month. That does not mean they even spent a few hours on it other than a cursory check.
Trust me on this, but if they did not show or tell you what wires were involved that frayed wire business could have just been a blowing you off story to make it seem like they did something.

A secondary question might be whether you were charged anything for this month of time? If not, that makes it seem a bit more suspect.

They stated that it was under the valve cover. I was charge $700 when I initial put the car in because when you placed the car in park it would turn off. They replaced gear shift. After that this problem started occurring more often. They didn’t charge me again. They stated that had one tech who was running diagnostics directly with GM to solve the problem. They said they took it for seven test drives after they fixed the frayed wires and it ran fine. But after three days it started doing it again.