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2016 Chevrolet Camaro - Trans issue

Owned a pre owned 2016 ( not SS) for a year. I’ve had it in the shop twice with no corrective action. Three times now as I accelerate pulling out into traffic RPMs surge and stick around 6000 but the car is only going 40mph. Tapping the shifter (I’m an automatic) in and out of gear helped twice but I didn’t try it the first time. Mechanic said there’s some kind of misfire history in the cars computer but his info was vague so I need to take it to the dealer. Additionally on a number of other occasions at a cold start car lurches noticeably into gear. Both conditions make acceleration risky at best

I would follow the mechanics advice and take it to a Chevy dealer.

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I appreciate the advice and plan on camping out before work tomorrow to get my foot in the door. They don’t have loaners or I would have already had it in.


To be continued …

If you call Enterprise, they’ll meet you at the dealer with a rental.

You know. For an old mopar guy you’re pretty spry with some very relevant tips. I tip my hat in thanks. …now I’m headed to their website to see if I can pick the car too …

Many thanks


Story ongoing …

Good luck!

There should be freeze frame data, which is sometimes quite useful

Sounds like the mechanic was hesitant to work on the car, for reason(s) unknown

I agree that the dealer might be a good place to take the car at this point

I appreciate the feedback. I agree with your comments and am going to do that. Every time the car does this someone thinks I’m racing them.


Ugh. The dealership charged me $179 to tell me for the third time there’s nothing wrong with my car. Incidentally they said it shifts into 4th at 20mph, which is perfectly normal and results in the jerking my car does in low gears. They were able to NOT duplicate my rpm surge despite the fact they logged a total of 4 miles all day. (Sarcasm since that includes driving it around the shop and bringing the car up when I picked it up). They said next time it surges like that drive it to the dealership and don’t turn off the car.

I stopped and spoke with sales before I left. I’m officially done with this


They obviously didn’t even make a decent effort to try to duplicate your concern. You should bring this up to the service manager

You shouldn’t waste time talking to the service department

Unless you’re buying a car at the dealership, you shouldn’t expect the sales department to care. This may sound kind of rude, but it’s pretty much the truth. Sales and service are two different departments

Thank you again. I would consider buying from the sales department even though the service department is HORRIBLE. I don’t expect either department to care since they have already been paid for the car. I’m not asking them for empathy or special treatment. I suppose it’s sufficient that the mysterious condition is documented. I will be trading it in. I don’t enjoy driving it and I’m tired of taking it to the shop.