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1993 3.4L Camaro intermittent no start

This intermittent no-start problem has been going on for approximately three years. It seems to be related to the fuel pump not coming on. When the car won’t start - it will sputter a little then the engine will just turn over (strong battery) but you can’t hear the fuel pump. Took it to the Chevy dealer first time and they said it needed a new fuel pump with a $1,200 price tag. We said we wanted to get a second opinion and took it to an independent garage. It’s been so long that we forget what he did - but he did not replace the fuel pump. A few months later - car does the exact same thing again, sputter then no start. Finally we we agreed to replace the fuel pump - so out comes the rear axle, exhaust system and fuel tank to install the new pump (thank you GM for the lack of forethought regarding maintenace logistics.) Couple of months later - sputter then no start. Towed back to independent garage again after a few days it started with out doing any work on it. Started everytime for the 6 months it sat at the garage. Attempted to replace the anti-theft model with a used one and he could get the car to start at all - reinstalled old module and it started immediately. Have had the car back for a month and it sputters quite a bit before running. Today, sputter and no start . . . had the car towed back to the house in hope that it will start without intervention like the last time it went to a garage. The security system idiot light does goes off with the other idiot lights. I’m guessing the sputter is the gasoline that was in the system the last time the engine ran - then when no more fuel is being supplied - it won’t start. The independent garage says they are reluctant to install a new anti-theft module for fear it won’t be the solution.

Anyone else here been through this . . . and found a solution?

haven’t been through that but i feel your pain, i advice you to get a third opinion bro, and stay with the dealership mechanic since they specify in the model you bring