2016 Subaru Outback - Cracks in leather

At around 35K miles, my driver’s “leather” upholstered seat cushion developed peeling cracks in the ivory colored, vinyl side panel that’s near the driver’s entry door. I’ve read that other Subaru owners have experienced similar cracking and tearing in their vinyl seat cushion panels. Has Subaru replaced anyone’s upholstery? How does anyone know a DIY repair solution for cracked vinyl?

If a Subaru Dealership has an in-house upholstery shop, they might have replaced them. More likely the jobs are farmed out. Cost to consumer on a long out of warranty vehicle, I don’t know.

As for DIY, there are plenty of kits on the market, just Google it. Might work for the door panel, highly unlikely it would hold up on the seat cushion.

A little Google-ing might turn up a manufacturer’s tsb, recall, or customer interest bulletin. Asking at a dealership might work too. Suggest to try to orient your parking so sunlight doesn’t hit that area. Or seat cover etc.